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What People Are Saying About
Dr. Susan Block's
10 Commandments

" Dr Susan Block's 10
Commandments of
Pleasure are the best to
come around in the past
2000 years. Bravo!"
Nina Hartley
adult film actress & sex educator

" Thank you, Dr Suzy, for showing me that sex education can be sexy."
Sheila Nevins

Exec VP, HBO

" Dr. Block's book is a
pleasure seldom
equaled...a jewel of
arousing, practical and
refreshingly accurate
information that ought to
be at the bedside of every
couple in America."
Dr. Robert McGinley,
president of
The Lifestyles Organization

"Dr. Susan Block is America's hottest sex therapist, dispensing wisdom from her boudoir and taking the bonobo chimps as her model for the perfect sexual philosophy. Her extremely enjoyable, informative book, The 10 Commandments of Pleasure, tells us how we can find the same person horny for the rest of our lives."
Jan Birks

"The 10 Commandments
of Pleasure
is a
masterpiece. It should be
heard by everyone. Thank
you, Dr. Suzy, for providing us with an alternative to the horrible Dr. Laura."
Reverend Bob Bookburn,
WPEB-FM, Philadelphia

"Dr. Susan Block is a genius...She has helped thousands become more sexually satisfied with her TV show and her book The 10 Commandments of Pleasure... She is my idol." Laura Moore
Penthouse Magazine, Sex Heals

" If I were Queen for a
Day, I'd make The 10
Commandments of
Sharon Peters
Libido Magazine

"Thank God there's still the world of sexpert Dr. Susan Block, who has the courage to continuously affirm her deeply-held faith in fishnet stockings and other family values...Dr. Block is one of the nation's leading sexologists, and a very bright and funny woman to boot."
Robert Scheer
The Los Angeles Times

"Dr. Susan Block is the 21st century Masters & Johnson."
Ellen Thompson
AVN Magazine

"Dr. Susan Block is the Erin Brockovich of the Bonobo."
Deirdre Guthrie
Salon Magazine

" Dr. Susan Block's 10
Commandments of
is playful,
profound and utterly
sensible--a charmingly
taught cure for sexual
stupidity that's bound to
raise the nation's erotic
Carol Queen
author, Exhibitionism for the Shy

" Any man who follows Dr. Suzy's 10 Commandments of Pleasure will have
women eating out of his
hand. Any woman who
follows it will have men
groveling at her feet."
Dr. Tracy Cabot
author of How to Make a
Man Fall in Love with You

" This is a good f--king
book! And a f--king good
book, too! The 10
Commandments of
is chock-filled
with great stuff."
Richard Pacheco
The Spectator

" If you require a new suit,
you seek out a great
tailor. If you need
surgery, you track down
the finest doctor...When it
comes to love, sex and
dishes it up better than
Dr. Susan Block."
Robin Leach,
TV host of Lifestyles

" A must read for all men
aspiring to superpotency,
and the women who love
Dr. Dudley Danoff
author of Superpotency

" Sane, Funny,
Informative. A wonderful
book that looks at
sexuality with much
needed sanity. Dr. Block
is funny, sexy, and gives
much needed direction
for any couple or single
person. A "Great Read",
and must for anyone who
is interested in sexuality"

Amazon Customer

"Yum! It really works!"
Max Lobkowicz
Dr. Block's husband

"Excellent and very worth the money! Awesome! I'm in my 40s and this tape taught me new things to make my husband happy and he's noticed the difference. It also was right-on in telling the woman's point of view for my husband to hear; this tape said things I hadn't een able to. It's a great couple communication tool and just plain fun to hear. Enjoy!"

Amazon Customer

"Take the time to read a
commandment a night. It
just might give you a new
idea that will help you
rock your lover's world...
The author is willing to
speak very directly and to
touch upon areas that
are not politically correct,
for which I heartily
applaud her."
Kris Booth

"You are the best!"
Ron Braverman

CEO, Doc Johnson

" This book has changed
my life! Before I'd ordered this book, I was a sexual
miscreant, abusing my
precious sexuality in
ways too horrible to
mention here. However,
after delving into Susan
Block's masterpiece I
emerged a sexual
dynamo, crackling with
the newfound libidinal
energy unleashed
through her detailed and
easy to follow
techniques. If you're
interested in giving your
sex life a swift kick in the
pants, then this book is
for you!"
otischan@leland.stanford .edu
Stanford University

"Brilliant, sexy and deliciously intellectual."
Art Kunkin
The LA Free Press

The Power to Give
Pleasure is the Greatest
Power You Have

Drawing on her experience as a world renowned sex therapist, HBO talk show host, best-selling author and happy, horny housewife, Dr. Susan Block lays down the laws of getting laid, as well as finding and keeping love for a lifetime, in her critically acclaimed, 5-star, international best-seller The Ten Commandments of Pleasure.

Learn the Bonobo Way of Peace through Pleasure. Become an Ethical Hedonist. Share a heavenly passion right here on Earth. Become a Master Pleasure Giver. The power to give pleasure is the greatest power you have: the power to heal, the power to affect, the power to attract, seduce and enjoy your prime-mate, the power to make lust last with the one you love. Give this beautiful, classic, naughty, thrilling, unforgettable book to your lover, your husband, a friend, your cousin, your
hairdresser, your congressperson, or just
savor it yourself.

Discover Dr. Suzy's Award-Winning, International Best-Selling Guide to a Hot and Healthy Sexual Life!

"The Land of Milk & Honey" ... TARSUS
Inspired by The 10 Commandments of Pleasure

International Editions

Now in FRANCE !

How to Find the Book in Your Country
Dr. Susan Block's
10 Commandments of Pleasure has been published in 11 countries, in 8 languages. To find it in your country, go to your local search engine and type in Dr. Susan Block/The 10 Commandments of Pleasure in your language. Or order it from your local book store, book club or used book dealer.

Valentine's Day
Dr. Susan Block

speaks at
Yale University
Sex Week at Yale
New Haven, Connecticut

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How to find a lady's or gentleman's pleasure points all over his or her body and in his or her mind

All about toegasms & eargasms

How to find & stimulate the elusive G & P spots

The ins & outs of outercourse

Secrets of Pleasure-Mothering

How to make monogamy as exciting as a secret love affair

How to be a Master Pleasure-Giver

How to practice Ethica
l Hedonism

How the Bonobos Use Sex to Maintain the Peace & Diffuse Violence & Terror

Why Pleasure is So Vital in Times of Pain & Fear

How to Use Pleasure to Create Peace in Your Life & in the World

How to Share a Heavenly Sex Life Right Here on Earth!

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